Welcome to the Ferry Road ‘No to Housing Development Campaign’.

The above photograph was taken from the proposed housing development site. Geographically this land is one of the highest points in Felixstowe.

Below is a short video of the proposed housing development site. Recently, in Oct 2016, the developer submitted to Suffolk Coastal District Council a new plan which consists of 197 dwellings including 5 blocks of 3 storey flats. The AONB is directly located to the East and North of this site.

This website gives some information on a recently proposed housing development and also looks at some of the issues concerning the site.
Updated: February 2017. This page has been updated to outline recent developments.

At a public exhibition in July 2012, 93% of local residents objected to the proposals for, one or more, of the following reasons:

  • The housing development will be distant from health services, public transport, shops and high schools and therefore having a car will be essential.  198 new homes could produce 300+ more cars and 1000 more vehicle movements each day. Within five years our local roads will be expected to support 2000+ extra vehicle movements each day.
  • Extra traffic will potentially create a safety risk for local residents and school children. Local residents and children going to and from school will need to negate an increase in higher levels of traffic.
  • Construction vehicles will, over a prolonged period, also cause significant traffic issues.
  • The cramming of homes on this development is totally out of keeping with the surrounding area.  To put the scale into context, the South Seafront development (an area identified as a priority for regeneration) has twice the acreage and half the number of homes proposed for Ferry road.
  • The existing sewerage system is inadequate, causing an unpleasant stench and sewage problems for some residents throughout Old Felixstowe.
  • The area is used by dog walkers, joggers, ramblers, horse riders and cyclists for recreational purposes.  It provides a necessary leisure alternative to the traditional seafront for residents and visitors to enjoy.
  • The site borders an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, forming part of the buffer zone between the Deben Estuary and the urban landscape.  As such, it offers a “green lung” to balance light and noise pollution from the Port.

In 2016 Generator Developments purchased the site and now propose to build 197 new homes ranging from one bedroom apartments to four bedroom homes, 33% of homes will be ‘affordable’. For more information about the proposals click here or visit their website: www.ferryroadfelixstowe.co.uk. You can let them know your feedback on their plans by returning their feedback form, completing the electronic form on their website (www.ferryroadfelixstowe.co.uk) and emailing info@ferryroadfelixstowe.co.uk or call their Freephone information line on 0800 148 8911

Recent update: The Ferry Road Campaign Group will be holding a meeting on Wednesday the 15th March 2017 at the Old Felixstowe Community Centre (Church Rd) in the Coffee Lounge at 7.30 pm. Items on the agenda will consist of the following: the formal formation of an executive committee, adoption of the constitution and an update concerning the next stage of funding the Judicial Review.

22/02/2017: The SCDC Planning Meeting. Many thanks to all those that attended the meeting.  Our ward councillors, community speaker and two planning committee members spoke against the plan. Unfortunately, however, the planning committee members voted for the reserved matters application. The next stage is to consider a legal challenge. To all those that pledged money towards a Judicial Review, pleased be assured that we will keep you informed. Please follow this site for further updates.

THE FERRY ROAD CAMPAIGN GROUP have appointed a legal team which has contested the developer’s latest reserved matters plan. The outcome of which, thus far, has made the developer reconsider access to the site. However, other issues raised by the community have not been addressed such as 3 storey (40 foot high) flats.

Update (16/02/2017): The Ferry Road Residents Meeting held on the 15th February 2017 at the Old Felixstowe Community Centre.

Many thanks to all those who attended the meeting, it was most heartening to see such a large turnout of approximately 100 residents. A majority of the attendees agreed that, if need be, a Judicial Review should be pursued. As a result, a large number of attendees pledged a large sum of money. Many thanks for all your pledges. The campaign will continue to fund raise and therefore all pledges are welcome. If you need to return or require further pledge forms please contact: Mrs G Mason e-mail: gillcountryside@gmail.com SCDC will be considering the Reserved Matters application on the 22nd February 2017 ( for full details see below). The planning meeting will determine as to whether the plan is granted or rejected. If the plan is accepted then the Ferry Road Campaign Group will seek legal action, and on behalf of all the pledgers, begin the process of a Judicial Review.

Community Action: Please remember to:

(a) Concerning the new amended plan: Add your comments to the current SCDC public consultation. All comments to be made to d.c.admin@eastsuffolk.gov.uk by the 20th February 2017 (for full details see below).

(b) Concerning the SCDC planning meeting: Please attempt to attend the SCDC planning meeting on the 22nd February 2017 at 9.00 am (for full details see below).

(c) Lobby the Ward Councillors and Planning Committee members (for full details see below).

The SCDC Public Consultation ends 20th February 2017: To view the recent plan please visit www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk Planning-Planning applications-View planning applications-Search for Planning Applications on Public Access-In Keyword box enter Land West of Ferry Road. All comments concerning the recent plan are to be made by the 20th February 2017 and in writing quoting DC/16/3776/ARM, your name and address, to Liz Beighton, SCDC, Melton Hill, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP11 1AU. Alternatively, e-mail your comments (including your name, address and reference) to d.c.admin@eastsuffolk.gov.uk Remember to state as to whether you object or support the recently submitted plan.

SCDC Planning Meeting: SCDC will be considering this application (DC/16/3776/ARM) on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 at East Suffolk House, Riduna Park, Station Road, Melton at 9.15 am. Please show your support and attend.

This will probably be the last chance to help determine the outcome of this housing development and therefore it’s vital that you attend. If the current plan is granted than this will set a precedent for the rest of the countryside, in this location, to become over developed and include 3 storey flats.

The members of the SCDC planning committee will determine as to whether the proposed housing plan is granted or rejected. Prior to the SCDC meeting, on the 22nd February 2017, you may wish to e-mail your comments concerning the proposed housing scheme to members of the SCDC planning committee:

Cllr.C.Blundell          Martlesham ( C )        chris.blundell@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Cllr. S.Burroughes   Peasonhall                  stephen.burroughes@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Yoxford  ( C )

Cllr.R.Catchpole      Wenhaston               raymond.catchpole@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Weston  ( C )

Cllr.A.Cooper          Leiston  ( I )               tony.cooper@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Cllr.M.Deacon         Felixstowe  ( Lab)     michael.deacon@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Cllr.D.Dean              Tower (C )                 deborah.dean@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Cllr.A.Fryatt             Grunsdicburgh ( C)   tony.fryatt@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Cllr.S.Harvey           Kirton  ( C )               susan.harvey@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Cllr.G.Holdcroft      Woodbridge  ( C )     geoff.holdcroft@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Cllr.D.McCallum     Kesgrave West ( C)  debbie.mccallum@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Cllr.M.Newton        Tower ( C)                 mark.newton@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Cllr.I.Pratt               Leiston ( C)                ian.pratt@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Cllr A.Smith            Felixstowe ( C)          andy.smith@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Also make your comments, concerning this scheme to the, below listed, Felixstowe East Ward Councillors:

Doreen Savage: doreen.savage@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Steve Gallant: steve.gallant@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Nick Barber: nick.barber@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Steve Wiles: steve.wiles@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

For a full list of the Members of the Felixstowe Town Council Planning and Environment Committee visit: http://www.felixstowe.gov.uk

You may also wish to contact MP for Felixstowe Therese Coffey: therese.coffey.mp@parliament.uk

(08/02/2017) Further amendments have been made to the recent application DC/16/3776/ARM. To view the new plans please visit:  http://www.eastsuffolk.gov.uk/planning/planning-application/public access. If you wish to comment on the new amendments than refer to Liz Beighton at d.c.admin@eastsuffolk.gov.uk qouting the reference number DC/16/3776/ARM. Or alternatively write to Liz Beighton, Melton Hill, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP11 1AU. All comments must be made by the 20th February 2017. Please note that your comments are not confidential.

Felixstowe Town Council considered the new amendments to the proposed plan at its planning meeting on Wednesday 14th December at 9.15 am at the Town Hall in Felixstowe. Please see the minutes (below) which give a full outcome of that meeting: DC/16/3776/ARM Submission of reserved matters pursuant to outline planning permission DC/13/3069/OUT for the creation of 198 no. one, two, three and four bedroom houses and apartments, plus associated roads, paths, driveways, car parking, landscaping and public open space.Land West Of Ferry Road Residential Centre Ferry Road.

Committee considered the amendments to the Outline permission based primarily on those documents available in the public domain via the SCDC website prior to the meeting, namely those posted with a date created of 6/12/16 and before. However,we were informed of some later exchanges and amended documents made available to our Estates Officer on the day prior to the meeting. These were not in the public domain and hence Committee Members have not been able to examine and consider these prior to the meeting, or critically for public comments thereon to be received. Committee has endeavoured to take account of this later information but this cannot be said to have been an adequately informed debate. We therefore most strongly request that no report is prepared by SCDC for their Planning Committee until final comments have been received both from the Town Council at its next meeting on 11th January 2017, in the light of any comments received from the public at that time, based on any documents available on the SCDC website until 4th January at the latest, and in the same form as those to be presented to the SCDC Planning Committee. However, in respect of the changes as we currently understand them; with reference to our previously submitted comments, Committee was pleased to see the significant changes to the Public Right of Way which give it a much improved and safer environment. In respect of our other 5 comments, whilst we welcome the small improvement in the relation to the location of plots adjacent to the eastern part of Estuary Drive, we see nothing else in the amended plan which would cause us to change our existing view of the proposal.Furthermore, in relation to realignment of plots 191-195 (revised plan R) the represent a deterioration in the amenity to nos. 78 and 76 Ferry Road. Hence reinforcing our overall concern about the plan. Committee remains unclear and uneasy about drainage proposals, a matter on which there is significant public concern in light of previous local flooding issues and we request the SCDC take those in to careful and very specific consideration in their discussions with the drainage authority. Having considered the revised layout as published (revision R) Committee took the view that this cannot reasonably be considered to be a minor amendment to the previous reserved matters application and we therefore request that the applicant be required to resubmit a full and detailed Reserved Matters application.

Felixstowe Town Council is a statutory consultee on this planning application and considered the application at a meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee which was held on Wednesday 5th October at 9.15am The venue was the Old Felixstowe Community Centre. A Summary of the minutes of the PLANNING & ENVIRONMENT COMMITTEE Meeting, held at Old Felixstowe Community Hall on Wednesday 5 October 2016 at 9.15am:

PRESENT: Cllr A Smith (Chairman), Cllr S Gallant, Cllr Jon Garfield (Vice Chairman), Cllr D Savage, Cllr S Bird, Cllr Jan Garfield, Cllr S Wiles, Cllr K Williams

OFFICERS: Mr A Tadjrishi (Town Clerk), Mrs R Jones (Estates Officer)

IN ATTENDANCE: 79 members of the public

Prior to the meeting commencing the Chairman advised that there would be an extended public session of 30 minutes to hear from members of the public specifically on application DC/16/3776/ARM

PUBLIC SESSION: Committee heard representations from 12 members of the public on DC/16/3776/ARM outlining their reasons why they believed the application should be rejected.

APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: Apologies for absence were received from Cllr G Newman


PLANNING APPLICATIONS: Committee considered the following planning applications received since the last meeting and RESOLVED to submit the following observations to Suffolk Coastal District Council: DC/16/3776/ARM  Submission of reserved matters pursuant to outline planning permission DC/13/3069/OUT for the creation of 198, one, two, three and four bedroom houses and apartments, plus associated roads, paths, driveways, car parking, landscaping and public open space Land West Of Ferry Road Residential Centre Ferry Road. Committee accepts that this development now has outline planning permission, despite its recommendation to refuse the original application; and that development is inevitable on this site. However, Committee recommends REFUSAL for this Reserved Matters application as presented on the basis that the combination of density and design lead to several unacceptable outcomes. Namely:

i.The close juxtaposition of plots 148-151, 153 and 168, as proposed, would lead to unacceptable levels of overbearing loss of amenity to existing adjacent properties;

ii. Members do not accept that 3 storey flats can be appropriately fitted in this location, notably due to the proximity of the AONB;

iii.There are a number of historically justified local concerns about foul drainage capacity, it is essential that these are fully and adequately addressed

iv. Similar concerns are held over surface water drainage;

v. Committee was pleased to see footpath FP7 retained as a Public Right of Way. However it strongly believes that this should be retained as a green footway and not fragmented by the urban elements, in line with the recommendations of the Suffolk County Council Rights of Way Officer to this application; and…

vi. The intensity of the development as proposed will mean the number of vehicles exiting and entering the site will put an unacceptable burden on existing highway infrastructure.

Therefore Committee recommended REFUSAL as it stands.

Before any homes can be built a reserved matters planning application containing information about the detailed design and layout of the homes proposed must be submitted and approved by the Suffolk Coastal District Council.

Please see below a copy of the recent SCDC letter sent to owner/occupiers:


  • Give your full name and address and email address
  • Date the form
  • Identify the site (land west of Ferry Road, Felixstowe) DC/16/3776/ARM
  • Indicate clearly whether you are supporting or opposing the application
  • State your interest in the proposed development (such as neighbour, resident, parent etc)
  • Clearly and briefly comment on the current proposed scheme.


  • SIZE AND SCALE OF DEVELOPMENT: The large size and density of the proposed development of up to 198 homes is not in size and scale with pre-existing properties and is therefore incongruous to the local area.
  • THE APPEARANCE, LAYOUT AND DESIGN: The size and scale of the proposed site is out of character with the existing landscape. The proposed flats and houses look ugly and will not blend with the existing architecture nor overall green scene. The proposed site will not blend well with the green natural beauty of the adjacent Area of Outstanding Beauty (AONB).
  • MEANS OF ACCESS: Ferry Road can be an awkward road to negotiate. The road is narrow and also consists of sharp and blind bends. It is a road which is constantly used by agricultural and heavy goods vehicles as well as by local residents. The proposed access to and from the site will therefore prove difficult and hazardous for new residents as well as create road safety issues for the previously mentioned road users.
  • LANDSCAPING: No amount of artificial landscaping will make the proposed site blend with the surrounding beauty of the natural environment.
  • AREA OF OUTSTANDING NATURAL BEAUTY (West and North of the site) The site currently forms part of the buffer zone designed to protect the adjacent Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). If built upon this may have an adverse effect on the protection of the AONB.
  • WILDLIFE: The site is currently home to a variety of wildlife (such as owls, birds of prey, bats, hares, badgers). The development will disturb and endanger the natural habitat of such wildlife.
  • VISUAL IMPACT: The site is on high ground and as such the housing development will be seen from the River Deben Valley (as far north as Ramsholt), causing adverse visual impact on a sensitive and protected area.
  • LOCATION AND TRAFFIC DENSITY: The site is not sustainable. It is approximately 1.5 miles from the town centre and railway station and a 20 minute walk to a bus stop. The main town employer, the port, is approximately 4.5 miles away. The only viable means of travel is by car. In this case, 198 homes may create an extra 1000 car movements per day on Ferry Road, Colneis Road, Church Road and Gulpher Road.
  • ROAD SAFETY ISSUES: The increase in traffic, especially in Ferry Road, may create serious road traffic safety issues. In addition, schools in close proximity to the site (both Kingsfleet School (Ferry Road) and Colneis School) during their peak times, may also encounter serious road traffic issues.
  • FURTHER ROAD SAFETY ISSUES: During the actual build of the development heavy vehicles visiting and exiting the site will cause further road safety issues.
  • RECREATIONAL AMENITY: The land and surrounding area is currently used for a number of outdoor activities (such as rambling, runners, cyclists, horse riders and dog walkers) and as such promotes health and well-being. Outdoor activities also create a sense of community.
  • NOISE, AIR AND LIGHT POLLUTION: All three will occur during the build and thereafter.
  • DRAINAGE AND SEWERS: The proposed plan includes a pumping station but, to date, no information has been released as to where the sewage will be pumped to. Residents living in the south of Ferry Road, lower west of Ferry Road and Estuary Drive have already experienced severe issues concerning drainage and extra sewage will potentially cause further sanitation issues for local residents.

Also, send letters to East Ward Councillors and let them know your views on this issue. By post to Felixstowe Town Councillors, Town Hall, Undercliff Road West, Felixstowe, IP11 2AG:

Email: Doreen Savage: doreen.savage@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Steve Gallant:    steve.gallant@suffolkcoastal.gov.uk

Nick Barber (East Ward Town Councillor and County Councillor): nick.barber@suffolk.gov.uk

Graham Newman (County Councillor): graham.newman@suffolk.gov.uk

Or contact MP Therese Coffey: therese.coffey.mp@parliament.uk. Phone 0207 2197164

Also email: AONB Manager (Simon Amstutz) simon.amstutz@suffolk.gov.uk